Our communications hub for mission critical quick deployments. BroadbeamGO is a turnkey solution for all your communication requirements

“BroadbeamGO” is our portable all-in-one comms hub that works independently from your vessel’s existing communications. This easy to deploy 1 x 1 metre unit gives you a quick plug-and-play solution to connect through VSAT, Iridium and 4G anytime and anywhere, providing comms without the need for lengthy installations or operational knowledge.

What’s in the box? 


  • A 60cm VSAT antenna
  • A 4G antenna
  • Thales VesselLINK 200


  • BDE (below deck equipment)
  • ACU (antenna control unit)
  • 4G router
  • UNITY (with in-built VSAT router and dual modem)

Cable set:

  • Coaxial cable
  • Ethernet cable

BroadbeamGO provides Internet through a 60cm VSAT antenna, Iridium Certus or the 4G terminal. This is powered directly from your vessel or an external energy source. You can monitor and manage network traffic with the UNITY device.


With the UNITY+ subscription you can monitor your connectivity and performance, whilst adding traffic shaping, SD-WAN and a fully managed cybersecurity service to your BroadbeamGO. The 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) proactively monitors and manages all your onboard cybersecurity, protecting you, and your vessel’s communications from any external threats. The SD-WAN manager allows you to intuitively take control of all your networks’ traffic and use the best suited connectivity available (4G, VSAT, Iridium) per user or application.

Service and Support

BroadbeamGO offers various flexible airtime plans without any long-term commitment, allowing you to achieve speeds of over 50 Mbps downstream and an upstream of up to 10 Mbps. With this bandwidth you can run applications such as videoconferencing, exchange sensor data (IoT), control your ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), watch your favorite IPTV channels in 4K and much more!

This is supported by the 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Is BroadbeamGO for you?

BroadbeamGO is for anyone who needs instant plug and play connectivity with flexible functionalities anywhere within our global Ku-band coverage.

Limited investment

BroadbeamGO does not require any CAPEX investment. The equipment is provided under a rental agreement and it comes with flexible data plans without any long-term commitments.

Small vessels

Due to the compact hardware equipment BroadbeamGO is the ideal solution for small vessels that don’t have space for large VSAT antennas or a fixed installation onboard.

No technical knowledge

You don’t need any VSAT or networking knowledge to operate BroadbeamGO. It is easy to set up and comes with a comprehensible manual.

Temporary VSAT connectivity

The flexible plans allow you to use BroadbeamGO for temporary projects. It is perfect for short-term connectivity anywhere in our global Ku-band VSAT coverage map. Enquire about the maximum achievable bandwidth which will depend on the region. In periods where you don’t need connectivity, you can simply store the equipment and keep it on stand-by.

Separate (additional) connectivity

The portable comms hub solution is also great for vessels that already have a fixed VSAT installation onboard but want a separate connectivity for a subsystem without interfering with the main system, for example, a submarine or ROV that needs separate connectivity. BroadbeamGO allows you to broadcast in real time from your tethered submarine vehicle. Another application is for monitoring your ROVs from shore.

Difficult to reach locations

Even in the most remote locations, BroadbeamGO can keep you connected. If you need temporary connectivity in extreme weather conditions and have limited room and resources for a VSAT installation, BroadbeamGO can still provide excellent performance with minimal deployment efforts.

Emergency situations

In the case of an emergency, you can transport BroadbeamGO on your vehicle and set up your VSAT connectivity anywhere without any further infrastructure. All it needs is some electricity and basic remote support from our 24/7 NOC.

Back-up solution

No more outages! In case your fixed VSAT system is not operational, or your main internet source is failing, you can quickly set up BroadbeamGO and use it as a reliable backup system.

What does the BroadbeamGO subscription include? 

BroadbeamGO gives you instant connectivity for a cost effective and flexible subscription that includes the hardware stand-by fee, a flexible data plan, the UNITY+ subscription and our 24/7 NOC support.

You need BroadbeamGO if... 

  • You want the fastest way to get connectivity
  • Flexible subscription model
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • No more outages
  • No lengthy installation
  • No expensive infrastructure
  • No long-term commitment

Then BroadbeamGO is the right solution for you.

Contact us for a proposal or for more information atsales (at) omniaccess.com or get in touch with your account manager.