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With more bandwidth available onboard vessels, more opportunities arise for integrating IoT applications to improve operational efficiency and the onboard experience. Our IoT Solutions enable remote vessel management and enhance onboard experience for guests and crew.

Enhanced Onboard Experience

Improved onboard experience for guests and crew members, enhancing connectivity, entertainment, comfort and luxury with innovative IoT applications.

Streamlined Vessel Management

Facilitated remote management and maintenance of maritime assets, allowing your vessel to operate seamlessly and efficiently, even in remote locations.

Improved Fleet Performance

Optimize operational practices and maximize fleet performance with our advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, ensuring smooth sailing and efficient operations.

Tailored IoT Solutions that Transform Your Onboard Experience

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of life onboard, ensuring that each vessel receives the right technology for optimal performance and luxury.

Integrated Guest Experience

Effortlessly manage onboard environment, entertainment, and concierge services through intuitive IoT applications, providing unparalleled comfort, entertainment, and personalized assistance for guests and crew alike.

Real-time Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitor onboard systems in real-time and receive alerts for any issues or maintenance needs, ensuring optimal performance and safety onboard at all times.

Security and Compliance

We ensure the security and compliance of IoT data and devices onboard vessels, implementing robust security measures to protect against cyber threats and ensuring compliance with maritime regulations and data privacy laws.

Made possible by UNITY

Your future-proof platform for maritime digital solutions

Our UNITY platform is the central platform for enabling IoT solutions, by seamlessly integrating, managing, and optimizing IoT devices and applications onboard your vessel. It collects and aggregates data from various devices and sensors onboard vessels, such as engine performance metrics, environmental sensors, and guest preferences. With UNITY, clients gain valuable insights into vessel operations and guest experiences, transforming vessel management and onboard experiences effortlessly.

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