Market leaders in high-end VSAT airtime services and cutting edge onboard IT networks.



An industry leading marine network solutions provider with over 15 years of experience


Global VSAT coverage and infrastructure with round the world networks


Growing portfolio of high-end clients in the superyacht, river and ocean-cruise industry


Market leaders, OmniAccess have been the first to offer 20, 50, 100 and now 300Mbps VSAT links



Flexible VSAT solutions that adapt to your needs



Strategic partnerships with key industry companies



Marine IT specialists that provide round-the-clock 24 x 7 support


Secure and redundant systems offering high level SLA's



In-house and partner network engineers available for on-site support



In-house App and Systems development


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Our Story

Omniaccess was founded in Palma de Mallorca in 2001.  The early days of the company were as a Wifi/Wimax provider for superyachts in several Ports in Palma and mainland Spain.  The company’s roots in networking and IT drove OmniAccess’ involvement in the LAN side of yachts whilst still providing WAN services.  Our close relationship with our clients and the new satellite broadband technology led us into the VSAT service provisioning.  After a few years of operating managed VSAT networks our first teleport went live in 2009, following our strong principles of truly end-to-end control we continued to grow our own infrastructure and are now present in 5 countries, offering global services over 27 different satellite networks.

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Our Management Team


Carlos Carbajal

Deputy CEO

A fluent and strong communicator, with solid foundation in IT, a decade spent in various telecom roles, Carlos is OmniAccess's choice when it comes to bridging the gaps between clients and their needs.


Bertrand Hartman

Cofounder & CEO

A visionary that is leading the way in maritime communications, Bertrand perfectly sums up OmniAccess's core values of efficiency, innovation and transparency.



Maria Rita Grima

Cofounder & Financial Director 

As a financial specialist with many years of experience working in international companies, Maria Rita is in charge of our financial, administration and human resource departments. 


Ignacio Irurita

Chief Operating Officer

With broad international experience managing both technology & operations, Ignacio is transforming the way telecom companies operate by placing a special emphasis on "best" customer service. His team is responsible for services delivered to our clients.



Toni Matamalas

Chief Technology Officer

With a strong academic background in IT and many years of hands-on experience in all aspects of satellite engineering and systems integration, Antoni heads our team of extremely skilled and dedicated network-engineers and VSAT specialists.



Jens Ploch

Commercial Director

Experience in multinational companies and environments, with over 15 years in the yachting industry. Jens is used to managing teams and projects with a “clients first!” focus and the right person to interpret client requirements and build bridges where required.


VSAT Training course in Palma de Mallorca (3 days)


Our VSAT training course aimed at ETOs, Chief Engineers or other similar positions, introduces the fundamentals of VSAT communication systems and TCP/IP networking essentials. You will gain hands-on experience by using real equipment on live satellite networks at our head office.  You will visit our main teleport hosting a total of 23 satellite network uplink antennas ranging from 3.7m to 7.6m operating in C and Ku bands, as well as a selection of the industry-standard marine stabilized antennas such as Sea Tel, Intellian and Sailor. Are you interested? Send an email to or call us on +34 971 22 19 79

Key Products and Services




The easiest way to monitor all your day to day VSAT communications, our Customer Support Portal is one of the most powerful operation management tools available on the market.

The new CSP service is included free of charge with any OmniAccess Broadbeam VSAT plan. More info.

The CSP can also be purchased via the AppStore.




 The bandwidth you need when you need it

You will find that our flexible data plans are the most cost effective on the market. Our Broadbeam VSAT airtime plans deliver the highest level of sustainable uptime, it is this confidence in our service, that allows us to guarantee you an SLA of 99.7%. We operate on more than 12 satellites with over 25 satellite beams globally, for a check out go to our selection of plans and coverage.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will my antenna work with the OmniAccess VSAT service?

Yes, the broadbeam services are compatible with VSAT antennas equipped with 8W BUC’s and multiband LNB’s. We have tailored service plans for compact 60cm antennas, standard 1m and up to larger 2.4m C-Band remotes.

Can I upgrade on short notice and what is the minimum upgrade period?

Most upgrades can be done within the same day (for bandwidths less than 4Mbps). Our broadbeam OnDemand plans provide dedicated services on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Alternatively our standard Broadbeam Flex plans allow you to upgrade on monthly terms.

Is your NOC 24 hrs, and will I actually speak to qualified technician?

Of course, we run a 24x7 support with first line technicians that are qualified and certified in VSAT platforms, stabilised antennas and all the necessary IT & Networking aspects.

What do I need to switch to OmniAccess VSAT services?

An idirect X5 or X7 modem if you don’t already have one and Plexus router. Other devices such as the Plexus controller and a Plexus Tv are optional but highly recommended.


The all-in-one network management tool


The Plexus Controller provides easy to use traffic management, WAN service selection, and monitoring & control.  If you would like to see a live demo of the Plexus Controller please do not hesitate to Contact Us or further reading select here.