Unifying Communications


UNITY is the ultimate all-in-one onboard appliance, it allows you to unify all your communications under one umbrella (VSAT, 4G/5G & WiFi). You are able to monitor and manage all network traffic, either through the intuitive applications touchscreen or the enhanced web interface (previously known as our Plexus Controller).

Cyber Security Services for Superyachts

Let us secure your vessels communications

We provide an array of superyacht Cyber Security Services at sea, these are supported by a dedicated team of fully certified Cyber Security experts utilising the most advanced tools and methodologies to prevent cybercrime. Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) proactively monitors and manages all your onboard cyber security needs, protecting you, and your vessels communications from any external threats.



Find out more about our VSAT networks and our offering around the globe

4G / 5G

The perfect complement to your VSAT service


Get to know us

OmniAccess was founded in Palma de Mallorca in 2001 as a Wifi/Wimax provider for superyachts in several Ports in Palma and the Mediterranean. The company’s roots in networking and IT lead to its venture in to LAN services whilst still providing superyachts with WAN solutions.


OmniAccess “Moving up”

OmniAccess “Moving up”

OmniAccess "Moving up"  Our team has experienced unprecedented growth and in order to accommodate all of our 160+ employees we have expanded our office with the launch of a newly themed third floor. Following along the lines of our 1950's diner and the Lost...

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