Seamless connectivity between networks

We provide our clients with unparalleled, global nextGen broadbeam VSAT (GEO) speeds of more than 400Mbps, 4G/5G mobile data connectivity, local WiFi/WIMAX networks and high-speed low-latency LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Internet. We integrate all of these into a smart traffic-steering “FUSION” solution in order to provide the best connectivity experience depending on your requirements, whether this be for latency sensitive apps or higher bandwidth needs such as HD video streaming.

Why choose between different connectivity solutions?

… when you can have them all.


We simultaneously provide multiple WANs over a single stream in order to maximise the capabilities of all of them.

Welcome to the future of maritime multi-connectivity

GSOs (Geostationary Satellites)

Geostationary satellites are located directly above the earths equator revolving in the same direction (west to east), at around 36,000km in distance the latency is 600 milliseconds (0.6 seconds). The larger size of theses satellite allows for bigger CIR (Committed Information Rate), and can categorised into two main groups: Ku-Band and C-Band depending on the frequency being used, dish size and intended application.

Non-GSO (Non-Geostationary Satellites)

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites circle the earth at a distance of around 1,000km whilst mid-range (MEO) satellites are located at about 8,000km. Being closer to the earth has latency benefits that result in a drop of the time it takes for data to complete a round trip (RTT) from earth to satellite and back again. We are a global “authorised Starlink integrator” and have partnered with TELESATLightspeed“, OneWeb and O3b mPOWER in order to offer faster response times, LEO latency of around 40 milliseconds and MEO of 180 milliseconds, that are essential for Internet browsing, messenger or online chats, Voice over IP (VoIP), gaming, and an essential part of High Frequency Trading (HFT).

Mobile Data Connectivity

Mobile Data Connectivity augments your VSAT experience by offering the best Internet service based on location, application and available connectivity. With Unity you can manage all your communications, integrating your VSAT Broadbeam connection with both local WiFi networks (Portmax/WiMax) and all your 3G/4G/5G connections.

PortMax (WIMAX) WiFi connectivity

The WIMAX service OmniAccess provides is based on the 802 WIFI standard and covers a medium outdoor range at selected locations and marinas. The coverage varies from 1km to 3km and provides Internet access from a fixed location ashore. Where available, this service is provided to enhance our NextGen Broadbeam and NextGen iO networks with an additional high speed Internet feed to the crew and guests onboard. A typical WIMAX installation consists of 2 antennas, control units, a router and a locally provided internet connection.

Flexible Contracts

The bandwidth you need, when you need it!

Our contract terms are designed to allow speed changes in-line with the yacht’s needs throughout the season. Less bandwidth may be needed, for example, during crew only operation, whereas a “boost” in bandwidth will ensure user satisfaction during that important charter week or whilst the owner is onboard. The service may even need to be paused during a few months off season, or during shipyard periods. Rather than spreading your annual budget evenly throughout the year, make the most of it by adjusting your nextGen Broadbeam contract to your requirements.


Get a private VSAT network for your fleet of vessels

If you are looking to use VSAT across a fleet of vessels or locations, the most efficient way to do this is to set-up your own private nextGen Broadbeam network solution with us. Unlike with individual links, a private pool of bandwidth can maximise the available bandwidth across your fleet by offering you the possibility to “target” the consolidated bandwidth at one specific location.

• Data rates (CIR’s and MIR’s) can be allocated as per a clients needs.
• Any un-used bandwidth by a vessel remains in the bandwidth pool and becomes available to other vessels thanks to the dynamic bandwidth allocations system.
• Bandwidth is not shared with any third parties.

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