Seamless connectivity between networks

Unifying Communications

At OmniAccess we provide our global clients with unparalleled NextGen Broadbeam VSAT speeds of more than 400Mbps, local WiFi/WIMAX networks as well as NextGen iO mobile (4G) data plans. These networks are integrated through our innovative traffic-steering application, with the purpose of providing the best connectivity experience depending on requirements, whether this be for latency sensitive apps or for higher bandwidth needs such as HD video streaming.

NextGen Broadbeam VSAT Ku-Band & C-Band

Find out more about our VSAT networks and our global offering Ku-Band


Typical dish sizes vary between 0.6m and 2.4m. Ku-Band has higher operating frequencies of 12 – 18Ghz, resulting in a reduced receiving dish size requirement. Originally the primary use of Ku-Band was used for broadcast satellite television. These footprints are generally smaller allowing us to provide single-link speeds of up to 300Mbps.


Typical antenna sizes for C-Band range between 2.5m – 3.5m. C-Band performs well in regions with heavy rainfall as it operates on lower frequencies of 4 – 8GHz. Generally as the beams are wider they allow for greater global VSAT coverage.

4G / 5G

What is 4G/5G and how does it work?


The fourth generation of mobile connectivity allows for faster data transfer than its predecessor giving a far smoother experience for applications requiring web access, gaming services, video conferencing or latency-sensitive user data traffic. Main 4G drivers nowadays deliver on average speeds which are x3 faster than those of 3G and reduce latency to below 100ms, resulting in a land based Internet experience when on-board. These benefits make 4G technology the perfect solution to the hyper-converged connectivity offerings required by vessels, ensuring they benefit from the best of each technology.


The fifth generation will certainly have a big technological impact. 5G innovation promises to relay on higher-bandwidths and lower-latencies which will bring a wide range of advantages to emerging industrial, end-user and M2M applications. Although the first 5G deployments are taking place today and high speeds can clearly help a shore-connected vessel to better serve its guests on-board, the roll-out timeline and limited coverage areas will make it a challenge for 5G to impact maritime telecommunications in the short-term.

4G connectivity is provided through our NextGen iO service.

PortMax (WIMAX) WiFi connectivity

The WIMAX service OmniAccess provides is based on the 802 WIFI standard and covers a medium outdoor range at selected locations and marinas. The coverage varies from 1km to 3km and provides Internet access from a fixed location ashore.

Where available, this service is provided to enhance our NextGen Broadbeam and NextGen iO networks with an additional high speed Internet feed to the crew and guests onboard.

A typical WIMAX installation consists of 2 antennas, control units, a router and a locally provided internet connection.


Make phone calls over your Internet connection

Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to place calls over an internet connection instead of through your local phone company. This is particularly useful when you are out of range or local 3G/4G/5G networks are saturated. It is also away to significantly lower costs. As an OmniAccess client you will receive x2 free virtual Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers, with up to 500 free minutes per month. These DID’s will allow you to seamlessly route calls to your existing telephone numbers without the need for multiple additional physical phone lines.

Flexible Contracts

The bandwidth you need, when you need it!

Our contract terms are designed to allow speed changes in-line with the yacht’s needs throughout the season. Less bandwidth may be needed, for example, during crew only operation, whereas a “boost” in bandwidth will ensure user satisfaction during that important charter week or whilst the owner is onboard. The service may even need to be paused during a few months off season, or during shipyard periods. Rather than spreading your annual budget evenly throughout the year, make the most of it by adjusting your nextGen Broadbeam contract to your requirements.


Get a private VSAT network for your fleet of vessels

If you are looking to use VSAT across a fleet of vessels or locations, the most efficient way to do this is to set-up your own private nextGen Broadbeam network solution with us. Unlike with individual links, a private pool of bandwidth can maximise the available bandwidth across your fleet by offering you the possibility to “target” the consolidated bandwidth at one specific location.

• Data rates (CIR’s and MIR’s) can be allocated as per a clients needs.
• Any un-used bandwidth by a vessel remains in the bandwidth pool and becomes available to other vessels thanks to the dynamic bandwidth allocations system.
• Bandwidth is not shared with any third parties.

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