Unity+ “the ultimate all-in-one network management tool.”

You can now unleash the full potential of UNITY by upgrading to the UNITY+ subscription. Activate the built-in Plexus TV set-top box, manage the nextGen Firewall to secure your different sources of connectivity and optimise your onboard experience with our advanced traffic shaping and SD-WAN features. UNITY+ comes with next-generation (NG) firewall which can be further enhanced with our 24/7 managed Cyber Security Services for optimal protection.

Cyber Security features

Take control of your onboard cyber security by managing your own firewall rules and profiles in our intuitive user interface. If required, we can  proactively manage the service for you with either one of our Cybersec or Cybersec+ offerings.

Traffic Shaping features

Define which LAN’s, users and applications have priority over the rest of the onboard users. You can now ensure critical communications are never interrupted when you need them most.

Monitor the status of VSAT systems, VSAT antennas and BDE management. Unity shows the information in real time such as link throughput and antennas blind spots.

SD-WAN Manager

Our “SD-WAN” (Software Defined – WAN) manager allows you to intuitively take control of all your networks (4G, WiFi, VSAT, shore) through a single interface. You can assign the priority of use for each available WAN network, user and/or application with a simple drag-and-drop of your preferences in the UNITY dashboard. Intelligently adapt your network traffic in order to maximise the end-user experience by using the best network technology available.

Unleash the full potential of Unity and upgrade your subscription to Unity+

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