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In an era where staying connected is vital, our nextGen Fusion connectivity plans offer tailored solutions for each vessel, integrating the latest technology from carriers like Starlink, OneWeb, O3b mPower, GEO connectivity and 4G/ 5G mobile data. Fully managed and supported by our 24/7 Technical Support Center, our plans ensure guaranteed uptime, seamless integration of carriers, and remote access, regardless of your cruising location.

nextGen Fusion seamlessly integrates multiple WANs over a single stream in order to maximise the capabilities of all of them. It allows you to combine Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency Internet with high reliability VSAT, uncapped LTE (4G/5G) mobile data and terrestrial connectivity into a seamless user experience, that is now managed under a single service contract.


Technical Support

Our Technical Support Center (TSC) ensures seamless connectivity and assistance, anytime, anywhere.


Years of Experience

With over two decades in the maritime industry, we're the leading provider of premium digital solutions.


Single Flexible Service Contract

Experience comprehensive connectivity and tailored solutions under one adaptable service agreement.

Maritime multi-connectivity
for a seamless experience

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out of your networks

We like to keep it simple. Our nextGen Fusion plan integrates different WANs for different applications. Whether you're on critical conference calls, streaming high-definition content, or engaging in high-frequency trading, rest assured you'll always have the best connection available. Seamlessly switch between GSO/VSAT, LEO/Non-GEO, and 4G/5G to leverage available networks and enhance your onboard experience. Take advantage of all available connectivities on board and unlock the full potential of your vessel's digital capabilities.

GSOs (Geostationary Satellites)

Stay connected with reliable VSAT connectivity for critical conference calls at sea, ensuring stable communication and uninterrupted operations.

Non-GSO (Non-Geostationary Satellites)

Enjoy high-definition IPTV and seamless streaming on multiple devices with maritime LEO connectivity, enhancing onboard entertainment and productivity.

4G/5G Mobile Data Connectivity

Access your 4G/5G network near shore for high-throughput internet browsing and social media, ensuring connectivity wherever you sail with enhanced speeds and reliability.

Made possible by UNITY

Your future-proof platform for maritime digital solutions

With UNITY you can access different WANs over one single stream and manage them all in a single interface. This allows you to get the most out of each one of your different connectivities and leverage different technologies for different needs/applications. UNITY automatically choses the best network for each application and reroutes traffic if needed. Take full control over all your different networks at once.

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