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As superyachts incorporate new connectivity and IoT applications, the complexity of their onboard networks increases, making it more challenging to monitor, manage and scale these. Our NaaS (Network as a Service) Solutions are precisely designed to meet this challenge. By proactively monitoring and managing all network components we deliver dependable and scalable network infrastructures.

Our fully certified team has extensive experience in IT and networkin­g on vessels. This means that the design and choice of equipment will be aligned with your onboard connectivity requirements, ensuring that you're always connected and benefitting from new technology as it becomes available.

By utilizing our bespoke tools, our Technical Support Center (TSC) team can proactively support your critical devices to ensure high performance, security, and reliability of your onboard network.

Future-proof your onboard network

Is your onboard network ready for high speed internet? We specialize in network audits and can help optimize your network for new technologies like Starlink and OneWeb.

Secure and Efficient Network Management

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with network-related issues and let us take care of IT! Rely on us for optimal end-to-end connectivity and an exceptional Quality of Experience.

Proactive Network Monitoring

Get notified about any incidents before they affect your guests. Our Onboard Network Solutions team proactively alerts you of any network issues, ensuring you're always connected.




Expect the first response within 1 hour. Get a remote solution within 6 hours for minimal downtime. Count on 24/7 available support.


Years Experience

+15 Years of experience in managing maritime networks.



More than 90 vessels are currently using our network services.

NaaS 24/7 Support

Our team takes control of your existing network infrastructure and provides you with 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and networking support with end-to-end connectivity for the best possible user experience.

NaaS “Turnkey” Solutions

We design and deploy your network infrastructure, ensuring continuous compliance with new technologies, as well as 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support for the duration of the service.

WiFi Planning Survey

Our bespoke tools for WiFi coverage analysis and planning provide the most comprehensive understanding of your existing WiFi footprint, aps, performance and the opportunities for modernization, across all areas of your vessel that require wireless connectivity.

Network Audit

In order to ensure your WiFi network is all set up for high speed LEO services, such as Starlink and OneWeb, we will conduct a site survey to identify possible weaknesses in your network ahead of time.

Network Consultancy

By leveraging our team’s experience in IT and vessel networks, we ensure each design and choice of systems is aligned with your specific onboard connectivity requirements.

Customer Requests

You have our fully certified team at your disposal to support you with new systems or network configurations, ensuring you are always up to date with the latest requirements.


Bonding combines multiple network connections to increase speed and capacity while also providing resiliency for your real-time applications in case one of the connections fails.

Captive Portal

Captive Portal empowers you to manage guest access to your network with ease. Create custom login pages, set authentication methods, and control user access, ensuring secure and seamless connectivity for your guests.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control enhances security by regulating access to your network based on predefined policies. Monitor and manage device authentication, enforce compliance measures, and mitigate risks effectively, ensuring a secure network environment.

Private MPLS

Private MPLS offers dedicated, high-performance connectivity tailored to your specific needs. Benefit from secure and reliable data transmission across multiple locations, seamless integration with existing networks, and enhanced network management capabilities.

Made possible by UNITY

Your future-proof platform for maritime digital solutions

UNITY simplifies onboard network management by optimizing, monitoring, and supporting network infrastructure to enhance the user experience and prevent downtime. The user-friendly web platform allows for efficient monitoring and regulation of network traffic, while UNITY automatically selects the best network for each application, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

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