Rev Ocean

Research Expedition Vessel, oceanographic research and exploration ship

By the time it is completed in 2020, ROV (Research Expedition Vessel) Ocean will be the biggest research vessel in the world with an incredible length of 182.9meters, it will be capable of holding a total of 28 guest and 54 crew. The goal of the project is to be the leading oceanographic research and exploration ship, with a specific focus on climate change, ocean acidification, overfishing/bycatch, and plastic pollution.

REV Ocean will be fitted with trawler nets that will collect floating pollution, this will then be fed into its state-of-the-art onboard incinerator, and then this waste will in-turn be burned to provide the necessary thermal power, in the form of hot water, required to fuel the ships hot water circuits.

The vessel will be supported by OmniAccess´s high-speed Broadbeam VSAT connectivity, as well as possessing cutting-edge equipment intended for investigation and research of the entire marine ecosystem, for example specific equipment will allow catching and studying of live rare and endangered species from depths of up to 3000m. The organisation aims to then provide this data on a free and open platform that will allow scientist from around the world to participate in solution-based science that will contribute in solving some of our most important challenges facing our oceans.

It is intended that all this will be managed through the “World Ocean Headquarter” in Oslo. Construction of this landmark skyscraper named “Big Blue” has already began, it will bring together prominent marine-sector organisations under one roof, creating an ocean research and innovation hub.

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