Falkor delivery a unique real time video solution 

The Schmidt Ocean Institute has undertaken multiple research projects in collaboration with organizations including the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, the Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping Joint Hydrographic Center, IFREMER, the Center for Environmental Visualization, the Marine Science and Technology Foundation, and various universities and oceanographic research institutions. The Institute’s goal is to advance ocean exploration, discovery, and knowledge using technological advances, data-rich observation and analysis

OmniAccess is the current VSAT service provider for RV Falkor delivering a unique real time video solution optimizing bandwidth usage and video quality across the globe based on their worldwide connectivity requirement. The video sources are vessel cameras (both ROV and on board video systems) and the contents are uploaded to Google. OmniAccess offers a flexible global service both in C and Ku bands where in some cases the return channel is substantially higher than the forward. Some examples are 2048/1024, 2048/6144, 4096/8192 Kbps

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