During the last year, Marlink Group and OmniAccess have been preparing a migration of its entire client base (over 7.000 vessels) to the Newtec Dialog platform and have been heavily involved with the Newtec R&D team which now also benefits from the expertise of the entire ST Engineering team  and resources.

We are confident that this migration is beneficial to all our clients as it allows us to implement important improvements based on the before:

1. Improved max upstream performance with Newtec BDE and Plexus Unity.

2. Enhanced coverage at the edge of the footprints.

3. Improved weather resilience / more stability of the link.

4. Intelligent network selection for redundancy and beam selection.

Newtec also allows us to provide two new features that were technically limited with the iDirect platform:

5. Security: Data encryption without a high impact on performance

First, we are able to provide encryption of management and customer traffic with a minimum penalty in performance. Also, due to the more powerful modems we can still provide more bandwidth per terminal even with the encryption.

6. Higher bitrate per session

Second, the Newtec Dialog shaper allows us to have higher per session bitrate than with iDirect, and we can get to 100Mbps sessions under very optimal conditions. This is not a real use case scenario but allows us to provide certain very high demanding bandwidth applications like 4K streams.

For more information about Plexus UNITY please visit: https://www.omniaccess.com/plexus-unity/

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