We are delighted as it will be our first time with exhibiting with Marlink at Oceanology International from 15th to 17th March at the Excel, London. You can find us at stand P200.

What is Oceanology International Show?

Oceanology International is the leading forum to connect with the world’s marine science and ocean technology communities. The three-day conference and exhibition will be returning in 2022 aiming to welcome over 8,000 attendees and enable more than 500 exhibitors to showcase the latest ocean technologies and developments on the event floor, as well as on water demos and vessels.

A bit about OmniAccess..

OmniAccess provides industry-leading Communication solutions, including maritime VSAT with ultra-high speeds of up to 450Mbps, complemented by our nextGen iO 5G and Iridium Certus. We are specialists in remote locations such as Antarctica, high upstream Internet speeds for science and survey, controlled latency comms, cybersecurity and NaaS (Network as a Service). Our services are the perfect fit for remote operations such as Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV´s), ROVs, etc. Our customers include the most reputed Oceanography and Research institutions and leading Survey and USV companies.

“Milliseconds Matter” An Interconnected Future

More and more there is a demand for remotely controlled and robotization in Marine applications. This needs very solid, redundant, secured and latency controlled communications.

Wherever your vessel or USV is located, it needs to get the best connectivity option with managed latency so that the traffic related to critical and real time applications can be prioritized to the lowest latency WAN (traffic steering) whilst it moves from different networks seamlessly in order to provide an “always on” connectivity optimizing the available resources.

This is done combining VSAT with LEO and MEO satellites regarding satellite connectivity, and backed by other available networks such as LTE where applicable. All the connectivity monitoring and control is centralized and van be easily managed by the user. Regarding service support, all the services, including Cybersecurity are centralized from the same Network Operations Centre offering very short time to fix in case of troubleshooting.

OmniAccess Products and Services


We keep it Simple

UNITY is our ultimate all-in-one onboard communications appliance. It is a platform that integrates your modem, router, firewall and a bandwidth management tool into a single device. This integration provides you with unparalleled performance and functionalities such as transforming your UNITY into a Plexus TV set-top box; an SD-WAN router with extra bonding capabilities or an advanced monitoring tool-set, without the need for any additional hardware. Moreover, UNITY is directly connected to our NOC for guaranteed best-in-class 24/7 support.


Let us secure your communications

We provide an array of Cyber Security Services supported by a dedicated team of fully certified Cyber Security experts utilising the most advanced tools and methodologies. Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) proactively monitors and manages all your Cyber Security needs, protecting you, and your vessels communications from any external threats.

In addition to a range of Cyber Security Services, you will find “security” on every UNITY+, our most advanced all-in-one communications appliance. You can enhance your UNITY+ subscription by upgrading to either Cybersec or Cybersec+, giving you added levels of protection and visibility to manage your cyber risk exposure.


Our portable comms hub for maritime applications

BroadbeamGO is the all in one portable solution enabling communications on the go. It brings you VSAT and 4G wherever you are and it is very easy and quick to deploy.

Its 60cm VSAT antenna combined with the latest Newtec technology integrated in our Unity platform brings you substantial bandwidths (both forward and return). Additionally, you are able to manage and prioritize how the bandwidth is used.

Cybersecurity and many other functionalities such as real time video compression can be added.

BroadbeanGO is offered as a service. This means you just pay a monthly fee and you get an all included package with software and hardware maintenance and updates.

Ultra flexible VSAT

One of the challenges in satellite communications services is the variable user demand through the weeks and during the year versus bandwidth availability. Satellite service contracts usually offer little flexibility, resulting in cost inefficient services.

To suit the different needs and help optimize costs, OmniAccess offers annual contracts with up to 3 suspension months per year and the flexibility to change the base plan speed through the contract term (including downgrades). If even more flexibility is required, 6 months contracts and month-to-month contracts are also available.

Additionally, for very short-term upgrades, we propose our OnDemand service for significant but temporary CIR bandwidth increases. OnDemand service is subject to availability but in many regions, it can normally be activated with just 24h notice, and can be booked for days and weeks.

4G/5G services: Nextgen iO

NextGen iO is the OmniAccess 4G solution bringing convergence of all communication technologies available to the vessel, under the same management and orchestration platform.

NextGen iO is much more than a WAN integration appliance because it provides:

Added value

  • A tailored mobile data solution with unparalleled value add, service levels and support thanks to our end-to-end control approach to communication systems.
  • Quality, control and ease of use from an unified interface
  • Best in class 24/7 Support by our NOC

Unified control and flexibility

  • Full flexibility to manage SIM cards through our portal ( Activate, suspend, add data plans, manage roaming restrictions, set data usage alarms, view data consumption, purchase bundles, online payment gateway, etc..)
  • No need for SIM card swapping for any country you stay

Guaranteed speeds

  • NextGen iO 4G speeds have guaranteed and privileged access and are never throttled down for any speed or data volume

Unified traffic management

  • Integration with VSAT – unique traffic steering capabilities

The solution allows the use of any existing or provided 4G modem which will be setup with SIM cards providing high-speed connectivity during all journey

It includes a user-friendly app and web interface allowing you total flexibility to manage your SIM cards through the portal. You will be able to activate, suspend or add data plans, set usage alarms, view data consumption, all at the click of a button. 

Our user-friendly app and web interface allowing you total flexibility to manage your SIM cards through the portal. You will be able to activate, suspend or add data plans, set usage alarms, view data consumption, all at the click of a button. 

When and Where to find OmniAccess?

You can find us at our stand P200 from Tuesday 15 and 16th from 9am to 6pm and 17th March from 9am to 4.30 pm. Our Business Development Manager Jorge Calvin will give a daily 15–minute presentation at the Ocean ICT Theater at 11.15 am. Please make your appointment by contacting us via email on: sales@omniaccess.com or call us on +34 648 265 684.

Following on from Oceanology International 2022, we will also be at the next Yare Networking, 16th to 18th March 2022 , Viareggio. Yare, Yachting Aftersales & Refit Experience, is the international event dedicated to the superyacht industry bringing together shipyards, companies and yacht captains.

We look forward to your visit!