OmniAccess to launch “nextGen FUSION” connectivity plans, delivering the full potential of all available connectivity sources.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 12th September 2022 – “nextGen FUSION is a new way of delivering connectivity to superyachts. It brings together the full potential of VSAT, 4G, 5G and LEO services. By leveraging SDWAN technology all these connections can be used simultaneously without having to choose between one or the other.

“nextGen FUSION is enabled by OmniAccess’ proprietary onboard traffic management and cybersecurity platform UNITY, which intelligently orchestrates traffic through the different sources of connectivity available, depending on the onboard users, the applications they use and the Quality of Service of the connectivity available.


“Our UNITY platform will seamlessly combine the dedicated and always available bandwidth of VSAT with lower latency higher speed cellular data where available. “nextGen FUSION” will also integrate LEO services such as Starlink and Oneweb to provide a fully managed service that delivers a flawless onboard experience.” says Carlos Carbajal, CEO of OmniAccess.

OmniAccess will launch the new service at Monaco Yacht Show and make it available to clients across Europe within Q4 of 2022. Existing nextGen VSAT plans with Unity+ will be migrated to “nextGen FUSION and will have access to unlimited 4G and 5G data at no additional cost. Further territories and connectivity services will be added to “nextGen FUSION in due course.

Welcome to the future of maritime multi-connectivity

We simultaneously provide multiple WANs over a single stream in order to maximise the capabilities of all of them

About Omniaccess

OmniAccess was founded in Palma de Mallorca in 2001 as a Wifi/Wimax provider for superyachts in several Ports in Palma and the Mediterranean. The company’s roots in networking and IT, its own Teleport and network operations and its close relationships with its clients, have positioned the company as the market leaders in connectivity solutions for superyachts worldwide.

Today, with over 200 specialists, OmniAccess operates an advanced global proprietary VSAT network to provide industry-leading nextGen BroadBeam ® VSAT solutions, complemented by nextGen iO 4G & WiMax (port WiFi) terrestrial connectivity services. nexGen FUSION brings all this competence together to deliver one single connectivity solution. The portfolio is further enhanced with Cyber Security, Onboard Networking and IPTV solutions.

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