OmniAccess connecting Blue Essence USV at Oceanology International 2022

At this year’s Oceanology International, Fugro will be conducting live demonstrations of their 12m Blue Essence, an uncrewed surface vessel (USV) complete with an electric onboard remotely operated vehicle (eROV). The innovative USV is designed to capture high quality hydrographic survey data in a safe and efficient way.

OmniAccess has been Fugro´s chosen communications and services provider for their Blue Essence USV whilst conducting operations in European waters since November 2021.

During the show, the Fugro Blue Essence will use the latest Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) technology. This allows the vessel to continuously reach near 100 % uptime connectivity along with seamless transition between various networks such as VSAT satellite, 4G/5G and Iridium Certus – a crucial requirement for any remote USV operation. In addition to this, the Blue Essence is supported by two separate satellite beams each backed by their own regional teleports, further enhancing the vessel’s redundancy.

The Blue Essence integrates the OmniAccess all-in-one UNITY, unifying 2 state-of-the-art Newtec VSAT modems, a powerful VSAT monitoring tool and a computing platform. This single device provides near-zero downtime (redundant) and encrypted end-to-end communications, virtualising several future functionalities such as cybersecurity and routing. With the ability to centralise all monitoring and control of fleet communications through an onshore remote operations centre (ROC), the safety and efficiency of projects is greatly improved, and carbon emissions are reduced by 95 % when compared to traditional survey methods.

“Fugro’s Blue Essence offers a safer, more sustainable solution for offshore surveys and inspections. With the support of OmniAccess, we’re able to transfer critical data in real-time, leading to faster and more informed decision making. This is vital as we work to drive change and support the global energy transition,” said Gordon Kennedy, Director Marine Asset Integrity, Fugro

“OmniAccess is excited and proud to have been involved in the development of these state-of-the-art operations and connectivity. We look forward to an ongoing collaboration with Fugro and continually pushing the boundaries in this fast-paced new sector.” said Jorge Calvin, Business Development Manager, OmniAccess.

Please visit OmniAccess at P200 at Oceanology International or contact sales (at)