In 2014 we were asked to provide high-speed Internet access on two Viking ocean cruises that will be launching early this year. The systems proposed were to possess the most advanced technology currently available, and would look ahead to future proof the vessel, ensuring they were geared for any upcoming advances in high throughput satellite technology.

The scope of the project included all WAN elements, from the access router to stabalised VSAT antennas, satellite space segments, and Internet connectivity, as well as the onboard VSAT link for the mobile GSM network, our live IPTV content and a VoIP platform.

To ensure the vessels possessed the highest internet speeds at the most affordable price it was proposed to install the latest 2.4m Sea Tel 9711-IMA systems. This allows the Viking ocean cruises to take full advantage of the cost-efficient high throughput Ku band satellites that operate in Europe and the Caribbean, but then can easily be switched to high resilience C Band satellites during operations in remote areas.


Above – OmniAccess installing the Sea Tel 9711-IMA system at the Fincantieri Shipyard for the 220m Viking cruise ship that will be launched April 2015.


The Sea Tel 9711-IMA systems eliminates the need to manually change feeds when transitioning from C-band service to Ku-band service. The state-of-the-art system allow for seamless transition from C-band Global service to Ku-band regional service from a laptop or a remote location using the IP interface. The also system provides a state-of-the-art technology upgrade for Cobham SATCOM customers, as well as a simple solution to reduce labor expenses and time. The Sea Tel 9711 IMA Dual system is a versatile option that increases uptime and operational flexibility for vessels.