OmniAccess is proud to announce that we are once again exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show from Wednesday 26th until Saturday 29th September 2018. Come and join us at our stand QS3 in the Darse Sud Tent.


Come and join us!

Learn more about our products such as nextGen Broadbeam VSAT Airtime services, Plexus Controller, Plexus TV, Plexus VOD, iO nextGen cellular services, CSP and our VSAT Training course. If you would like to receive a free invitation to the show, please send us an email.



…and win one of our exclusive jackets

Come to our stand QS3 and sign up for our mailing list for a chance to win one of our exclusive Helly Hansen jackets. Perfect for your winter yachting needs!


Flexible Airtime services – OmniAccess operates an advanced global VSAT network on over 33 satellite-beams in both C-band and Ku-band, uplinked from 5 Teleport-locations in Spain, Germany, Hawaii, Australia and the USA.  With an unparalleled 24/7 Network Operations Center, OmniAccess provides the highest service levels and pushes the boundaries of VSAT connectivity with nextGen Broadbeam speeds of up to 400Mbps.


All-in-One Management Tool – The Plexus Controller is an all-in-one orchestration tool that provides easy-to-use traffic management, steering and bonding capabilities, WAN service selection, monitoring and control. It provides real time information and statistics of the IP network including: Traffic graphs, WiFi VoIP calls and a status overview of LAN and WAN devices. Visit our stand for a live demo with these new features.


Watch TV wherever you are – Specifically designed for maritime VSAT environments, Plexus TV is an end-to-end decoder place-shifting solution. It allows you to stream any content over your Broadbeam nextGen link, using a bandwidth efficient IPTV stream with up to 5 times less bandwidth usage than other IPTV solutions wherever you are located.




Streaming Video on Demand – This service enables efficient and reliable online media streaming over Broadbeam VSAT. Plexus VOD maintains your HD picture quality whilst reducing 3X the required bandwidth. Inbuilt end to end traffic prioritisation ensures seamless media viewing without the need to experience inconvenient buffering breaks. Our users interact with their existing native Apps with no added latency. Compatible with Netflix, Hulu, Waki TV, Google Play, and HBO Now.




Mobile Data Connectivity – OmniAccess offers the iO package as part of the nextGen Broadbeam® connectivity service in the Mediterranean. It includes a user-friendly app and web interface allowing you total flexibility to manage your SIM cards through the portal. You will be able to activate, add data plans, set usage alarms and view data consumption, all at the click of a button. Combine both the Plexus Controller with the iO service to achieve maximum efficiency and benefit from steering capabilities on a per application basis.


Customer Support Portal – The easiest way to monitor all your day to day VSAT and 4G communications, our Customer Support Portal is one of the most powerful operation management tools available in the market. Visit our stand for a live demo of the newly refactored CSP featuring a sleek and intuitive user interface to allow for instant access to view support tickets, VSAT information, and reports. The new CSP service is included with any OmniAccess Broadbeam plan.