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Network Operations Centre with 24/7/365 Support

At the heart of OmniAccess operations you will find our NOC. An experienced team is there to provide you with the best support, addressing all enquiries as well as resolving any requests that you may encounter within specified timeframes (SLA´s). Our NOC and Head Office are both located on the sunny island of Mallorca, a maritime hub at the heart of the Mediterranean.

A fully certified team, along with its subject matter expert engineers, are here to proactively monitor and detect any connectivity anomalies that may arise. By utilising the latest in-house tools we are able to diagnose and rectify issues remotely, regardless of your location, guaranteeing clients receive our “best-in-industry” worldwide support.

Our NOC provides a two tier system that allow us to: 

  • Quickly classify and categorise request. 
  • Assign each case to the appropriate support level. 
  • Provide effective and timely resolution.

Wide range of certificates

Cyber Security Services for Superyachts

Let us secure your vessels communications

We provide an array of superyacht Cyber Security Services at sea, these are supported by a dedicated team of fully certified Cyber Security experts utilising the most advanced tools and methodologies to prevent cybercrime. Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) proactively monitors and manages all your onboard cyber security needs, protecting you, and your vessels communications from any external threats.

Onboard Network Solutions

Let us take care of IT

We provide you with the highest maintenance standards to ensure effortless operations continuity and performance. By utilising our bespoke monitoring tools, our 24/7 Network as a Service team has the skills and certification knowledge to support the manufacturers (Fortinet, Cisco, Aruba, etc).

Moreover, the analysis of statistical data provided through our NaaS monitoring tools allows us to conduct timely preventative maintenance, quickly alerting us to required modernisations. Additionaly, we can further expand this service to include hardware, software and advanced continuous monitoring tools.

UNITY is the ultimate all-in-one onboard appliance, allowing you to unify all your communications under one umbrella (VSAT, 4G/5G & WiFi). You are now able to monitor and manage all network traffic, either through the intuitive applications touchscreen or the enhanced web interface (previously known as our Plexus Controller).

You can now unleash the full potential of UNITY by upgrading to the following UNITY+ subscriptions. Activate the built-in Plexus TV set-top box, manage the nextGen Firewall to secure your different sources of connectivity and optimise your onboard experience with our advanced Traffic Shaping and SD-WAN features.

Plexus TV is an IPTV solution specifically designed for VSAT allowing you to watch your TV anywhere.

Take control of your onboard cyber security by managing your own firewall rules and profiles in our intuitive user interface. If required, we can proactively manage the service for you with either one of our Cybersec or Cybersec+ offerings.

Define which LAN’s, users and applications have priority over the rest of the onboard users. You can now ensure critical communications are never interrupted when you need them most.

Our “SD-WAN” (Software Defined – WAN) manager allows you to intuitively take control of all your networks (4G, WiFi, VSAT, shore) through a single interface. You can assign the priority of use for each available WAN network, user and/or application with a simple drag-and-drop of your preferences in the UNITY dashboard.

Customer Support Portal monitoring your day to day VSAT communications

Customer Support Portal The easiest way to monitor all your day to day VSAT communications, our Customer Support Portal is one of the most powerful operation management tools available on the market. The new CSP service is included free of charge with any OmniAccess Broadbeam VSAT plan.

CSP can also be purchased via the AppStore.

Purpose design support portal application

Easiest way to monitor real-time and historical VSAT communications

Transparency - Visibility of your VSAT link and the entire Broadbeam network to monitor performance and SLA’s

Choose your IP feature, go out to the intern a UK, US or Spanish IP address

Unify all your communications under one umbrella with NextGen iO

Mobile Data Connectivity augments your VSAT experience by offering the best Internet service based on location, application and available connectivity. With Unity you can manage all your communications, integrating your VSAT Broadbeam connection with both local WiFi networks (Portmax/WiMax) and all your 3G/4G/5G connections.

Single contract associated to multiple SIM cards

Management portal

Integration with your existing systems

24/7 NOC support

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