4G / 5G

What is 4G/5G and how does it work?


The fourth generation of mobile connectivity allows for faster data transfer than its predecessor giving a far smoother experience for applications requiring web access, gaming services, video conferencing or latency-sensitive user data traffic. Main 4G drivers nowadays deliver on average speeds which are x3 faster than those of 3G and reduce latency to below 100ms, resulting in a land based Internet experience when on-board. These benefits make 4G technology the perfect solution to the hyper-converged connectivity offerings required by vessels, ensuring they benefit from the best of each technology.


The fifth generation will certainly have a big technological impact. 5G innovation promises to relay on higher-bandwidths and lower-latencies which will bring a wide range of advantages to emerging industrial, end-user and M2M applications. Although the first 5G deployments are taking place today and high speeds can clearly help a shore-connected vessel to better serve its guests on-board, the roll-out timeline and limited coverage areas will make it a challenge for 5G to impact maritime telecommunications in the short-term.

Unify all your communications under one umbrella with NextGen iO

Mobile Data Connectivity augments your VSAT experience by offering the best Internet service based on location, application and available connectivity. With Unity you can manage all your communications, integrating your VSAT Broadbeam connection with both local WiFi networks (Portmax/WiMax) and all your 3G/4G/5G connections.

Single contract associated to multiple SIM cards

Management portal

Integration with your existing systems

24/7 NOC support

Traffic Shaping

Application-based traffic shaping

You can now manage and route your traffic through various access networks depending on the application´s sensitivity to latency, such as video streaming or web browsing. Intelligently adapt your network infrastructure with our UNITY “Traffic Shaper” in order to maximise the end-user experience by using the best network technology available.

Let us augment your VSAT experience with our 4G/5G mobile data connectivity

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