Unify all your communications under one umbrella with NextGen iO

Mobile Data Connectivity Augmenting your VSAT experience by jointly offering the best Internet service based on location, application and available connectivity. With NextGen iO you can now unify all your communications under one umbrela, integrating your VSAT Broadbeam connection with both local WiFi networks (Portmax/WiMax) and all your 3G/4G/5G connections.

Single contract associated to multiple SIM cards

Management portal

Integration with your existing systems

24/7 NOC support

Traffic Steering

iO application-based steering

You can now manage and route your traffic through various access networks depending on the application’s sensitivity to latency, such as video streaming or web browsing. Intelligently adapt and program your network infrastructure through our iO application in order to maximise the end-user experience through the best network technology available.


iO traffic based bonding

Combine your different 4G connections to maximise your throughput with our hardware-agnostic iO bonding. You will receive a consolidated speed whilst paying no additional fees for the bonding service.

nextGen iO App

Manage your package from your App

– Top-up anytime
– Change your monthly data plan
– Setup notifications


– Daily data consumption

nextGen iO cellular data

– European coverage
– Buy as many bundles as you need
– Or pay as you go

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