(Geostationary Satellites)

nextGen Broadbeam VSAT 

Find out about our VSAT networks and global Ku-Band offerings

Geostationary satellites are located directly above the earths equator revolving in the same direction (west to east), at around 36,000km in distance the latency is 600 milliseconds (0.6 seconds). The larger size of theses satellite allows for bigger CIR (Committed Information Rate), and can categorised into two main groups: Ku-Band and C-Band depending on the frequency being used, dish size and intended application.


Typical dish sizes vary between 0.6m and 2.4m. Ku-Band has higher operating frequencies of 12 – 18Ghz, resulting in a reduced receiving dish size requirement. Originally the primary use of Ku-Band was used for broadcast satellite television. These footprints are generally smaller allowing us to provide single-link speeds of up to 300Mbps.


Typical antenna sizes for C-Band range between 2.5m – 3.5m. C-Band performs well in regions with heavy rainfall as it operates on lower frequencies of 4 – 8GHz. Generally as the beams are wider they allow for greater global VSAT coverage.

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