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Pushing Boundaries
to reach the unreachable

About OmniAccess

Delivering Possibilities:
The OmniAccess Journey

At OmniAccess, we are more than just a maritime digital solutions company — we are pioneers of possibilities, excellence, and innovation.

We started out as an IT support team of tech enthusiasts in Palma de Mallorca driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Our core values innovation, simplicity, and dedication to customer satisfaction led us to redefine maritime connectivity and communication. We have evolved into a reputable industry leader known for pushing boundaries and achieving the extraordinary.

With an understanding of the unique challenges that our clients face, our evolution has been marked by our forward-thinking mindset. We have embraced new technologies, and new opportunities to better serve our clients and exceed their expectations.

As we continue to shape the future of maritime digital solutions, our vision remains clear: to deliver possibilities anywhere, empower innovation, and transform the way our clients connect and communicate. With a focus on our customers, we are committed to delivering industry-leading solutions that exceed expectations and ensure the utmost security and privacy.


Pushing boundaries to reach the unreachable


Through our teams passion and commitment, we surpass client expectations by integrating and developing innovative products and services that push the boundaries of technology

Why choose us?

What sets OmniAccess apart and makes us the ideal fit for your needs.


Vessels managed

We specialise in managing a diverse fleet of vessels, ranging from over 600 superyachts and more than 100 boutique cruise ships to special expedition vessels like research vessels and USVs


Employees in 15+ countries

Dedicated team of international experts to support your maritime journey


Years of experience

Providing innovative communications and technology solutions for the maritime industry


Global customer support

Backed by a global supply chain, certified field service engineers, along with expert-driven consultancy, and training programmes

Multi-technology solutions

Including fully owned teleports, and world-class Network Operations Centres

maritime Security Operations Centre 

At OmniAccess, we have a fully certified 24/7 Security Operations Center that constantly monitors our clients' security

Our leadership team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind our innovative solutions who drive our vision forward.


Chief Development




Chief Commercial Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Meet our founders

Rita and Bertrand

Driven by a passion for maritime connectivity, our company was founded by a visionary couple. Rita, originally from Argentina, and Bertrand from Holland, relocated to Mallorca with a mission to provide connectivity for superyachts. In less than a decade, their dedication propelled us to the forefront of the industry, where we remain leaders in maritime digital solutions.

OmniAccess joining
the Marlink Group

In 2018, OmniAccess joined forces with the Marlink Group, a leading provider of end-to-end managed connectivity solutions. This strategic partnership has enabled us to expand our reach and capabilities, offering our clients an even broader range of innovative digital solutions and unparalleled support. Together, we are committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of maritime digital solutions.


As Marlink Group, we design, build and manage hybrid network solutions, unifying satellite, terrestrial and digital services into customised solutions for leading industries, such as shipping, energy and offshore, humanitarian aid, government, yachting and cruise. We combine leading engineering, field support and technical expertise with advanced digital technologies, including cybersecurity, IIoT, IT and cloud enablement, to help you digitise and optimise your remote business operations.



Telemar offers full-service maintenance in equipping, digitizing, and optimizing remote business operations for shipping customers, utilizing state-of-the-art bridge electronics, onboard and SMART maintenance services, and advanced network solutions.


Telemar Yachting

Telemar Yachting offers integrated, smart bridge solutions and bespoke navcom systems. T-Master Touch is a uniquely designed, versatile and fully integrated digital workstation that turns every yacht bridge into a design masterpiece.