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    Yacht and Cruise Maritime VSAT Solutions

    OmniAccess is a marine VSAT service provider and IT & Networks systems integrator. We offer maritime VSAT and yacht internet solutions to keep your communication capabilities reliable no matter where you are. Founded in 1999, our company specializes in designing, installing and operating marine networks and services for large yachts and boutique cruise  vessels. We provide state of the art marine internet connectivity through the use of broadband VSAT operated from our wholly owned Teleport & Hub infrastructure.

    An impressive and growing portfolio of high-end projects and high-profile clients who use our marine VSAT service is testimony to the acknowledgement our approach receives from the demanding zero tolerance super-yacht and boutique cruise industry.  Whether you are looking for year round service or have an ad-hoc ultra high speed VSAT requirement, we have a Maritime VSAT service that meets your needs.

    OmniAccess uses the latest iDirect Evolution® technology with all the advantages that this brings due its efficiency and advanced configuration options.  We provide 24 Hour NOC support with dedicated staff and are specialized in the marine and specifically luxury/super yacht and boutique industry.

    Our data plans are the flexible and cost effective on the market, giving you the bandwidth when you need it and knowing that availability is paramount and we guarantee this with a 99.7% Service Level Agreement.  We also pride ourselves on our quality of product & service, if you look at our standard Broadbeam service speeds you will see that we have extremely low contention ratios ensuring quality of service above all else.

    We operate with various satellites and beams in the network and many locations are covered with more than one beam, which, as well as giving extensive (if not to say global) Ku-band coverage, it additionally allows for beam redundancy and automatic beam switching for increased resilience against blind spots, mast or cliff shadows and to provide coverage during crossings.

    Furthermore, as Marine Network Specialist, we can uniquely provide  support for on-board networking issues as well as advanced WAN Routing and Telecommunications Solutions.

    If you are searching for a proven and professional VSAT and network solution, let us take care of IT.