Plexus Networks


Plexus Networks is our unique, integrated, IP-based data network, providing a resilient, future-proof infrastructure upon which to run all your ships systems, such as telephony, audio and video (AV), security CCTV, Internet, IPTV and many more. Plexus is ideal for new-builds as well as refits. Plexus is the framework that will cover all your network requirements.


With our excellent 24/7 support and the built-in Plexus remote support capabilities, you are never on your own. We take ownership and deal directly with you to solve it, without the need of any 3rd parties.


Plexus networks will seamlessly handle multiple connections, keeping the ship online at all times even when individual systems fail or have no connectivity. Plexus integrates a yacht’s onboard network giving it a simple and direct access, crossing vendor and operator boundaries.

Plexus box


Plexus has been built from the ground up, with state-of-the-art components, selected, modified and tested. With enhanced reliability we have created additional redundancy mechanisms built to safe-guard against any potential failures should they ever occur.


Plexus networks utilises advanced security features and segment network designs to offer you the highest level of security, for all systems and media aboard your vessel.

Ease of use

Plexus utilises an intuitive touch-screen interface to manage all of your network settings. With a simple touch of a button, it allows you to easily change internet access methods, check bandwidth usage or VSAT link statistics, apply access restrictions and verify network faults.


Plexus TV


Watch your TV anywhere

Plexus TV is an end-to-end service that allows you to watch your TV anywhere. Through a bandwidth efficient IPTV stream Plexus TV goes beyond the barriers of conventional television enabling yachts to watch live content with our Broadbeam VSAT link.

Plexus TV is the end to end system that utilises our Broadbeam VSAT network to stream your homes live TV broadcast signal anywhere in the world.

Watch your TV anywhere in the world streamed live via one of our dedicated Broadbeam VSAT service plans. With Plexus TV there is no need to change the onboard AV network as it integrates with your existing systems through our Application Programming Interface (API), allowing you to treat the IPTV stream as just another input source. With in-built capability to prioritise traffic and streaming quality.

We host your TV decoder at our Palma de Mallorca teleport. Your subscriptions broadcast signal is received, IP encoded and transcoded down a bandwidth efficient IPTV stream to wherever you are located. This allows you a 'bigger bang for your buck' resulting in up to x5 times less bandwidth usage then any other available IPTV solution. With our array of specially designed Broadbeam service plans, Plexus TV will support anything from SD, HD, all the way up to Ultra-HD/4K. You may choose to mix as many decoders and channels as you wish.

Plexus TV is a truly end-to-end solution, from your TV signal sourcing all the way through to your on-board streaming without ever having to rely on third parties or "public" internet sources

For further info on Plexus TV, check out the brochure


Plexus Controller



 The all-in-one network management tool


The Plexus Controller provides easy to use traffic management, WAN service selection, and monitoring & control. If you would like to see a live demo of the Plexus Controller please do not hesitate to Contact Us.





1. Simplicity 'Simplify the complicated'  No more command line interfaces over multiple complex systems. Developed from the ground up with ease of use in mind, the Plexus Controller is remarkably easy to manage through its Web Interface or iPad App.




2. Traffic Management 'Easily manage your internet access'   In today's bandwidth hungry world your internet link will become saturated if you have no control over it. Plexus Controller provides the following traffic management functionalities:

          - Real time monitoring of top internet users

          - Set restrictions based on traffic type (email, VPN, web...)

          -  Restrict access or rate-limit on a per device or

              per network (VLAN) basis

3. WAN Service Selection 'One device, many connections'  Seamlessly unify all your internet connections (ADSL, wireless, fleet Broadband, VSAT), through an integrated and single point of selection. No need to swap cables or reconfigure devices and IP addresses


4. Monitoring & Control  'End to end, from WAN to the LAN'  The Plexus Controller provides real time information and historic statistics of the IP networks including: traffic graphs, WiFi VoIP calls and a status overview of the LAN and WAN devices.

Additionally from a VSAT perspective the Plexus Controller delivers a multi-platform system that is compatible with SeaTeal, Intellian and Orbit stabilising antennas and provides a simple interface for advanced functions.

The Plexus Controller dashboard is simple, powerful and intuitive. Available here

For further info on Plexus Controller, check out the brochure


Plexus Video On Demand

Plexus VOD service enables efficient and reliable online media streaming over Broadbeam VSAT. Plexus VOD maintains your HD picture quality whilst reducing 3X the required bandwidth. The inbuilt end to end traffic prioritisation ensures a seamless media viewing without the need to experience inconvenient buffering breaks. Our users interact with their existing native Apps with no added latency. Compatible with Netflix, Hulu, Waki TV, Google Play, and HBO Now..