Plexus TV the best system to stream your homes TV anywhere in the world

Plexus TV is an end-to-end service that allows you to watch your TV anywhere. Through a bandwidth efficient IPTV stream Plexus TV goes beyond the barriers of conventional television enabling yachts to watch live content with our Broadbeam VSAT link.

Plexus TV is the end to end system that utilises our Broadbeam VSAT network to stream your homes live TV broadcast signal anywhere in the world.


Create a basket with your favourite TV channels

• Private Satellite TV or IPTV decoder hosting
• Access any channel on your decoder remotely
• Carrier-grade antennas on popular satellites
• Compatible with all major satellite TV networks

We also oer a bouquet of popular pre-hosted channels which do not require a private decoder.

You can mix as many decoders and channels as you like whereby each source supports one simultaneous stream.


The transport of the content to your end

Guaranteed delivery of the streams with:

• Prioritised traffic with dedicated bandwidth
• Specially designed broadbeam service plans for SD (1.4 Mbps), HD (2.5 Mbps) and 4K (10Mbps) streaming with competitive prices and exible terms on a per simultaneous stream basis
• Full compatibility with all broadbeam service plans


Reproducing the live IPTV stream on board

Select the right hardware to your needs:

• A small, compact yet powerful set-top box that supports two simultaneous streams
• A professional-grade and scalable Plexus TV gateway supports up to 28 HDMI 4K outputs
• The set-top box can be used in standalone mode (direct user interaction) or can be integrated in the existing A/V network

Designed for VSAT networks

Up to 5 times less bandwidth usage than other IPTV solutions. Supports SD, HD & Ultra-HD/4K. The optimized techniques for channel changing allow full remote control functionalities whilst minimising latency.


No need to change the on board A/V network, Plexus TV can be integrated with your existing AV system through our Application Programming Interface (API). Treat the IPTV stream as one more input source and make the viewing experience transparent to the user.


Full exibility, decide what STB connects to what decoder and select the streaming quality through the Plexus TV management portal.

A truly end-to-end-solution

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