Plexus Controller Ctrl “The all-in-one network management tool”

Simplifying the complicated. No more command line interfaces used in complex systems. Developed from the ground up with ease of use and simplicity in mind, our Plexus Controller is remarkably intuitive and makes it easy to manage your network though its Web Interface.


View real-time network and device usage

Information awareness is fundamental to effectively manage your network. The controller provides real-time information over a rich set of metrics of your on-board infrastructure, including parameters of your VSAT modem, your wireless local networks and the different devices connected to the network. The Controller provides you
with detailed information on the bandwidth consumption for onboard applications and devices.

LAN Control

Easily manage your networks

In today’s bandwidth-hungry times your Internet connection can quickly become saturated if you have no control over it. With Plexus Controller you can now perform management functions to control your network traffic, such as:

• Restrict access or limit rate on a per device or per network (VLAN based) basis.
• Set restrictions based on traffic type.
• Configure accounting limits per network.

WAN Service Selection

One device, many connections

Seamlessly unify all your Internet connections (3G/4G,Wireless, Fleet Broadband, VSAT), through an integrated single selection point. With WAN orchestration at your fingertips there is no need to swap cables, reconfigure
devices, change IP addresses or make any other network operation changes.


Configure the Controller to fit your needs

Define your own events and actions, automating the most common network-based operations. The Plexus Controller allows you define events and actions over any given metric being monitored, simplifying the life of the on-board engineer. Easily customize your dashboards to reflect what data is most valuable to you.

How does it work & what do I need?

Bringing it all together. In a nutshell, the Plexus Controller is integrated into our new Plexus UNITY, it interfaces between you and complex network devices on-board such as the Cisco router, NewTec modem and antenna control unit.

For the Plexus Controller to work you will require a Cisco-based Plexus Router. Additionally, for advanced LAN features, a Plexus network based on VLAN aware Cisco devices will be necessary.

A truly end-to-end-solution

For further information on our exclusive Plexus Crtl:

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