Onboard Network Solutions

We provide you the highest maintenance standards to ensure effortless operations continuity and performance. By utilising our bespoke monitoring tools, our 24/7 Network as a Service team has the skills and certification knowledge to support all the top brand manufacturers (Fortinet, Cisco, Aruba, etc).

Moreover, the analysis of statistical data provided through our NaaS monitoring tools allows us to conduct timely preventative maintenance, quickly alerting us to required modernisations. Additionaly, we can further expand this service to include hardware, software and advanced continuous monitoring tools.

NaaS 24/7 Support

We take control of your existing network infrastructure and provide you with 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and networking support with end-to-end connectivity for the best possible user experience.

NaaS “Turnkey” Solutions

We design and deploy the network infrastructure for you, ensuring continous compliance with new technologies, as well as 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support for the duration of the service.

NaaS WiFi Planning Survey

Our NaaS team uses bespoke tools for WiFi coverage analysis and planning, providing the most comprehensive understanding of your exisiting WiFi footprint, gaps, performance and the opportunities for modernisation, across all areas of your vessel that require wireless connectivity.

NaaS Site Survey

Our NaaS team will conduct a site survey to document your exisiting network infrastructure and configurations, generating an asset inventory and a report identifying possible inefficiencies as well as opportunities for modernisation.

NaaS Consultancy

By leveraging our team’s experience in IT and vessel networks, we ensure each design and choice of systems is aligned to your specific on-board connectivity requirements.

Configuration Change Requests

Our team is here to support you with new systems or network configurations, ensuring you are always up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Let us take care of all your onboard networks

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