SEA-KIT unmanned vessel wins prestigious XPRIZE

  SEA-KIT is the world´s first truly long-range, long-endurance and ocean capable unmanned survey vessel. It was created from a need to map the world ocean floors, of which 80% still remains unmapped.     Back in December 2015, the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE was created with its goal to “accelerate innovation for the rapid […]

HTS beam technology in maritime VSAT application

What is a high-throughput satellite? A high-throughput satellite is typically any satellite with three to four times the capacity of a regular fixed-services satellite in the same geostationary orbit. This extra bandwidth is achieved in two ways, primarily by utilising proprietary “frequency reuse” methods with a single reflector on the satellite, but also by concentrating […]

NextGen “Double Your Bandwidth” Caribbean Promotion

Utilising one of the first-to-market High Throughput Satellites (HTS), OmniAccess provides unparalleled power and efficiency providing upstreams of up to 10Mbps, essential in an ever increasing cloud and social media world. This years “Double Your Bandwidth” Caribbean promotion gives you a super flexible OnDemand add-on plan to our NextGen Broadbeam VSAT service. You can now […]

OmniAccess and Panasonic Avionics – Advanced high throughput satellite design for mobility markets

MONACO – 28 September, 2016 – OmniAccess, a leading supplier of integrated communications solutions to superyachts and cruise-ships, and Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic), the industry’s leading provider of inflight entertainment and communications systems, today unveiled a tailored XTS “extremely high throughput” satellite network for multiple mobility markets. Details on this new communications service are available […]

Phasor successfully completes broadband satellite transmit tests from a moving platform

Flat panel, electronically steered antenna exceeds power and performance targets during milestone product tests  Washington D.C. 27 September 2016: Phasor has taken a critical step forward in the productization of its groundbreaking flat panel, electronically steered antenna (ESA) system. The company has demonstrated the transmission of live HD video over the Intelsat 903 satellite from […]

iDirect Next-Generation ground infrastructure powers new OmniAccess superyacht and boutique cruise VSAT service

DVB-S2X-ready universal line cards and remotes exceeding 140 Mbps aggregate throughput set new standard for bandwidth aboard luxury ships Herndon, VA, March 9, 2016 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that OmniAccess, a leading provider of VSAT services to the luxury yacht market, is launching […]

First to install Sea Tel 9711 IMA Systems

In 2014 we were asked to provide high-speed Internet access on two Viking ocean cruises that will be launching early this year. The systems proposed were to possess the most advanced technology currently available, and would look ahead to future proof the vessel, ensuring they were geared for any upcoming advances in high throughput satellite […]

Phasor to showcase the first maritime Ku-band digital flat-panel antenna

Today OmniAccess is proud to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Phasor Inc®, headquartered out of Washington DC, with R&D facilities at the prestigious Royal Institution in London, and will present the world’s first maritime Ku-band digital phased array antenna at the coming Monaco Yacht Show. The antenna on display is breakthrough offering […]

Our new teleport infrastructure installed by Skybrokers

During September & October 2013 OmniAccess experienced its biggest infrastructure growth to date through the construction of its new teleport facilities on the island of Mallorca (Balearic Island, Spain). Over the course of 4 weeks the team at Skybrokers installed x6 2.4m earth station antennas, x3 7.6m and x3 3.7m Andrew antennas. Below –  delivery and installation of x3 7.6m Andrew […]