Account Manager

I am the main point of contact at OmniAccess for the yachts that I manage. This involves coordination between Captains and Chief Engineers, as well as our technical teams.

Time spent with us:
2 years and 3 months

What did you do before Omni?

I was deck/stew mainly on sailing yachts.

Besides being a beautiful place to live (Majorca), why did you choose Omni?

I was hoping to settle in Mallorca, as I loved the island when I first came here with a yacht a few years back.  I wanted to find a shore-based job here while keeping a close contact with yacht crew and remaining not too far from home (France). As I did  Business School and have a Master’s Degree in Management, Account Manager at OmniAccess seemed like the perfect balance for this new step.

What is a typical day (or week) like for you?

I receive emails and calls from Captains and Chief Engineers / ETO’s onboard the vessels I manage. I redirect them to our technical teams whenever needed, such as our Network Operating Centre (NOC). I collect as much information about their upcoming trips and itineraries as possible, to help our engineers prepare the right coverage and put into place upgrades, suspension periods, etc. I am always aiming to adapt to the yacht’s program. I coordinate technical visits for hardware improvements and maintenance checks on their system along with our Field Engineers, I inform them about the latest news in our innovative services and within the maritime satellite industry. I basically support our clients in diverse ways and whenever I can, I trade my office desk for an onsite visit with the crew.

What´s your favourite part about working for us?

I love to travel to meet with our clients. Going around marinas and stepping onboard is for me like a breath of fresh air as I really miss being part of this environment and it is lovely to meet face to face the people I work with mainly via email. However, with Covid our trips have been significantly limited so I am looking forward to being back on the docks!

Any hobbies you would like to share with us?

I enjoy traveling and sailing of course, scuba diving, practicing yoga and rock-climbing. I am also giving surfing a go. Basically, anything that keeps me active and outdoors, close to nature, I enjoy trying new things, anything that sparks my curiosity or some sort of adrenaline rush. I am hoping to do my first skydive next year to celebrate my 30-th. On a final note, can eating be considered a hobby? I love to explore local food in foreign countries, especially when it comes to Asian dishes!

What are your proudest achievements/accomplishments to date (work &/or personal)?

In my past jobs, I was lucky to enjoy racing on beautiful yachts (Les Voiles de St Tropez, the Superyacht Challenge and Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, RORC Caribbean 600). I had never sailed before and I am grateful for the opportunities I was given. I also find peace in long navigations and never thought I would cross the Atlantic 3 times on beasts such as S/Y Nomad IV. I am looking forward to sailing more. Another challenge I took on in 2017 was an 11-day trek across the Nepalese Himalayas, up to 5300m. I went there on a whim and it was one of the best decisions I ever took. I now hope to go deeper in my yoga practice and philosophy and would love to follow an extensive course in India, as well as completing my Dive Master.

Who built the pyramids?

Believe it or not, I was aspiring to become an archaeologist specialized in Ancient Egypt when I was younger. I took this matter very seriously, to such an extent that my family took me on a trip through Egypt. Unfortunately, I have now forgotten most of my knowledge about it… Such a shame! Hopefully, someday I’ll wrap my head around it again.

If you had a superyacht where would you go and what would you do?

If I had a superyacht, it would be a “reasonably-sized” sailing yacht, more in the Oysters range. I love the design of Vitters yachts too. You would find me in the most remote locations, from the Northwest Passage to French Polynesia, my favourite playground.

In 1964 Arthur C. Clarke predicted “a world in which we can make instant contact with each other wherever we may be”. If you had a crystal ball, what would your predictions for the future be?

I often blame myself for having my mind wandering either in the past or in the future (Covid effect maybe?). I am focusing on being more in the present moment so I will not address this question haha, sorry.

A favourite quote or phrase

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

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