DVB-S2X-ready universal line cards and remotes exceeding 140 Mbps aggregate throughput set new standard for bandwidth aboard luxury ships.

Herndon, VA, March 9, 2016 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that OmniAccess, a leading provider of VSAT services to the luxury yacht market, is launching its Broadbeam nextGen VSAT service using iDirect’s latest Evolution technology. OmniAccess will be the first to leverage iDirect’s new DVB-S2X-ready universal line cards and new 9350 satellite remote, which exceeds 140 Mbps aggregate throughput. This next generation VSAT service will meet the ever-increasing demand for connectivity aboard super yachts worldwide. iDirect is a world leader in satellite based IP communications technology.

A new expectation for connectivity exists amongst luxury super yacht and cruise ship passengers today. Service providers must be able to accommodate multiple devices streaming high-definition video and running voice and data applications, all at a low-cost, high quality level of delivery.

With the debut of its next-generation extreme-throughput VSAT service, OmniAccess will leverage iDirect’s technology developments to introduce Broadbeam nextGen, a new and unique triple-play service offering in the yacht market that will enable HD and UHD/4K PlexusTV streaming, as well as unparalleled bandwidths and premium VoIP services.

Building this next-generation service requires a new level of technology that is equipped to handle an unwavering acceleration of throughput requirements. iDirect’s new Universal line cards are the most powerful to date, with return line cards that will feature aggregate symbol rates up to 30Mbps, with individual carriers up to 15Mbps and 16QAM MODCODs for improved efficiency. The new transmit line card is software upgradable to DVB-S2X and will feature a powerful combination of 32APSK MODCODs and embedded pre-distortion, which helps OmniAccess realize new efficiency and performance gains when operating on fully saturated transponders.

The new iDirect 9350 satellite remote, targeted at the high-end commercial and military mobility markets, initially features up to 140Mbps of aggregate throughput performance with a software upgrade path to well over 200Mbps via support for adaptive 15Mbps TDMA and 30Mbps with adaptive SCPC. Such capabilities are built to handle extreme throughput requirements of the super yacht and cruise markets. This enables ship operators to offer a greater level of differentiation and services, ultimately helping passengers enjoy the best possible rate of service at sea.

“The connectivity demands aboard super yachts are the most un-relenting in the market today. Ever-increasing business and personal connectivity demands of passengers continue to raise the bar when it comes to expectation of service and demand on pricing,” says Bertrand Hartman, CEO, OmniAccess“Therefore, it is imperative that we leverage our existing Evolution satellite infrastructure in order to deliver more capacity and higher performance – and iDirect continues to roll out the technology that future proofs our investment in their platform, while providing us the ability for a higher degree of service to our customers.”

“With the introduction of the 9350, iDirect introduces a new class of remote for the commercial market, ideal for the ultra-high throughput expectations of very demanding high-end enterprise and maritime markets. When coupled with our new universal line cards, you create a satellite ground infrastructure that delivers the next level of (or “industries best”) performance and functionality to help satellite service providers capture new opportunity introduced by both higher powered broad beam and High Throughput Satellite (HTS). ” says Kevin Steen, Senior Vice President Sales and Chief Operating Officer, iDirect. “OmniAccess has long been on the cutting edge of VSAT technology and we look forward to helping them set a new standard for connectivity.”

VT iDirect, a subsidiary of VT Systems, is a global leader in IP-based satellite communications providing technology and solutions that enable our partners worldwide to optimize their networks, differentiate their services and profitably expand their businesses. For more than 20 years, the VT iDirect organization has focused on meeting the economic and technology challenges across the satellite industry. Today, the product portfolio, branded under the name iDirect, sets new standards in performance and efficiency, making it possible to deliver voice, video and data connectivity anywhere in the world. VT iDirect is the world’s largest TDMA enterprise VSAT manufacturer and is the leader in key industries including mobility, military/government and cellular backhaul. In 2007, iDirect Government was formed to better serve the U.S. government and defence communities. For more information please: visit www.idirect.net.

VT Systems is an engineering company providing integrated solutions to the commercial and government markets in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. VTSystems’ innovative solutions, products and services include aircraft maintenance, repair and modification; software solutions in training and simulation; satellite-based IP communications technology; network solutions that integrate data, voice and video; rugged computers and computer peripheral equipment; specialized truck bodies and trailers; weapons and munitions systems; road construction equipment; and ship design and shipbuilding. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., VT Systems operates globally and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Engineering. Please visit: www.vt-systems.com.

OmniAccess Headquartered in the Palma de Mallorca, OmniAccess is the leading specialized maritime IT services integrator. Established in 2002, the company offers a portfolio of cutting edge IT and connectivity-services and products to over 250 vessels, among which many of the world’s most impressive yachts. With an experienced staff of over 55 employees, OmniAccess operates an advanced global proprietary iDirect® Evolution VSAT network on over 22 satellite beams in both C- band and Ku-band, uplinked from 5 Teleport-locations in Spain, Germany, Chile, Australia and the USA. OmniAccess’ services encompass BroadBeam VSAT solutions for Internet connectivity at sea with ultra-high speeds, Plexus advanced integrated maritime IT networks and Plexus-TV IPTV solutions.


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